Our Wi-Fi is reaching new limits!  If you are looking for a quiet place to check your email or study, the garden area at the Graves Library is open.  Project Connect is a statewide program that is helping all Libraries in the United States extend their Wi-Fi.  We have comfortable seats and tables.

What is projectConnect?  With the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, education (both K-12 and collegiate programs) has shifted to online distance learning, where students must have access to the Internet to complete assignments. Historically, students who do not have access to reliable Internet use public facilities like libraries, or private businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops to get online to complete assignments.

Given the nature of this pandemic, social distancing has been determined to be the best course of action to slow the spread of the virus; and libraries and businesses are closing their doors for the current time to stop the spread. This further increases the likelihood of students falling behind on coursework, and their grades suffering, and in general widening the digital divide.

For libraries, schools, community centers, and similar organizations: we’re working with anchor institutions across the country, and working together with them to provide an outdoor access point with WiFi so that community members can access internet resources, including distance learning curricula and employment resources, outside of these community facilities (e.g. in parking lots, outdoor seating areas, and green spaces while social distancing). Our services are provided at no cost.

For public safety, emergency operations, and medical facilities: our service offering includes temporary network, voice, video, and wireless infrastructure, compute devices including notebooks and tablets, and broad technical assistance engineering, installing, and maintaining infrastructure at remote medical sites. Given the current crisis, our team can add the most value by connecting field hospitals, drive thru testing sites, and temporary command centers. All of our resources and services are provided at no cost, but we do request logistical assistance or reimbursement for shipping when applicable.