Happy Retirement with Hal Hannaford

Wednesday, December 13 at 10 AM. Retirement is a misunderstood concept. In fact, it is a counterproductive term. After all, one should never retire from life!  We don’t retire, we do something else! After 31 years leading a traditional boys’ schools as a progressive educator, Hal left the profession in 2020. Over all those years, he came to understand the conditions required in order to ensure the last fifth of life is one of true fulfillment and happiness. This workshop focuses on the five foundations required to reach that lofty goal. It is a challenge, we need to start young, but it is never too late. A South Coast Senior College Class offered for free.


The Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library is located at 18 Maine Street, Kennebunkport. For further information, please call 967-2778 or visit our website at